Navajo Rug Weaving by Vivian Descheny
Chief Blanket

18 1/2" x 23"



Chief's blankets were originally intended as wearing blankets in historic times. This type of weaving has become popular among the Ganado area weavers as it was originally revived there by Lorenzo Hubbell around the turn of the century.

The Chief style of rug was traded to the high status members of the Pueblo and Plains peoples; giving the blanket its name: "Chief." The earliest established weaving style, the Chief is distinguished by its generally square blanket shape and simple design in blue, red, black, and white.

The first phase Chiefs were woven in plain stripes of blue, white, black, and brown. During a second phase, weavers added short red bars to the design. Third phase Chiefs, with stepped triangle motifs and rose-colored wool sometimes replacing the red, are the most popular today. In the fourth phase, the stripes were subsumed into squares against a solid background. Fourth phase Chiefs are rarely woven today.

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