Steve Lucas


6 1/2" H x 7" D

Steve Lucas is the great -grandson of Nampeyo, grandson of Rachel Namingha Nampeyo and brother of Karen Lucas. He is recognized as one of the premier Hopi potters of today for his outstanding and innovative art work.

He consistently wins blue ribbons and this year he won best of pottery at the Santa Fe Indian Market. His works are created in the traditional ways of Hopi potters and of his great-great grandmother Nampeyo.

Steve uses all natural clays to hand coil his pottery, natural pigments to create designs and outdoor firing to give his art the wonderful blush that adds much so beauty.

Another characteristic of Steve's fine work is the high polished glow which most pieces exhibit. This is achieved through many hours of diligent polishing using a small, smooth stone.

Most of his designs are based on old Sikyatki shards that he studies for inspiration. Steve's work is precise, finely detailed, nearly perfect in symmetry.

Like his forebears, Steve works to perfect the art of traditional polychrome pottery making. He mentioned that the red bottom potteries must be fired upside down, taking special care not to damage or burn the rim.

"People often ask me how I get the shapes and designs for my pots. Actually, my ideas come from the clay as much as from myself. I find that the more I listen to the clay, the better my pot. So, its both of us.

Steve has signed with his hallmark mudhead, or koyemsi, along with an ear of corn for his great-grandmother, Nampeyo.

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