Scott Small

Turquoise Turtle

2 1/2" H x 6 1/4" L

Scott Small was born in 1972 of San Felipe and Jemez heritage and has been making pottery since 1989. He is a member of the Sun Clan and Corn Clan. He was taught by his mother Mary Small and his father Simon Small. He gathers all of his own materials from the Jemez Reservation. He uses all natural pigments for his paints and fires his pottery outdoors. Scott is an incredible talent and it won’t be long before the awards start pouring in.

Scott's mother, Mary Small, is known for her distinctive pottery and storyteller dolls. Scott learned a lot about creating and painting pottery from his mother and his style is very similar to hers. However, Scott prefers make figures more than traditional pottery shapes and is also known for his detailed, realistic paintings of eagles, bears and other animals.

Scott first exhibited his bear sculptures like the one shown here at the 2008 Santa Fe Indian Market. Scott lives out of state and only occasionally makes his way to New Mexico. He has a full time job and only pots part time.

We are excited to offer this unique piece of art. The bear is covered in traditional patterns and geometrics like his mother's work, and is adorned with a large turquoise stone. The bear is also set with turquoise stones for eyes. It is signed Scott Small on the bottom.

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