Rondina Huma

Polacca Polychrome

3 1/4" H x 3" D

Rondina Huma is one of the most highly sought after and one of the most widely celebrated Hopi pottery makers of all time. Her pieces consistently win awards at all the major shows - including most recently at Santa Fe's Indian Market where she took first place in pottery. Additionally she has been featured in every major publication and can be found in exclusive galleries and museum collections around the world.

This piece features a myriad of designs all drawing from her roots as a traditional Hopi potter. With her home at First Mesa near the old ruins of Sikyatki, where Nampeyo first drew her inspiration, Rondina is afforded the special opportunity to reflect and create special pieces that exhibit that heritage.

We are excited to see new and innovative work by Rondina. Her award at Santa Fe went a long way to encourage her. Although the "shard" designs will probably still appear from time to time, we hope that she'll continue to explore and experiment with the beautiful medium of clay that seems to sing a special song - just for her.

Rondina's potteries are always traditional in every sense. Her vessels are always hand coiled and hand polished, with natural vegetal and mineral pigments used to give life to her designs. Even the inside of her bowl has been polished smooth.

She has signed with her clan symbol, the parrot, along with her name, Rondina Huma: Tewa - Hopi.

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