Raymond Naha

Tasap Yeibichei

10 1/2" total height

Ray Naha Jr. is the son of the famous Hopi painter Raymond Naha; his mother is a well known Hopi potter (Emma Naha), while his older brother Marty is known for his pottery and kachinas, and younger brother Shannon is following closely in Ray Jr.'s footsteps with some incredible old-style kachinas of his own.

These two brothers are among the most popular old-style carvers at Hopi. Their work is very elaborate and authentic. They take a lot of pride in each piece - hand tying every feather, and using only the best materials.

"The Grandfather of the Navajo Kachina is one of the more enjoyable features of the Navajo Kachina Dance. He does not speak but pantomimes whatever he wants.

"He starts the dance, acting as a leader in both singing and dancing. His dance step is an exaggeration, and a very lively one, that may be interspersed with a comic action such as the request for food - mountains of food.

All of these requests are done in pantomimes that bring laughter to the audience. The Grandfather of Uncle has several variations but the one portrayed here is the one that is most often seen.... The buckskin cape over the shoulders is usually very long, almost brushing the ground, and is used with great dramatic effect."

- Barton Wright, Kachinas: a Hopi Artist's Documentary (182)

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