Raymond Naha


10 1/2" total height

The Heheya kachina has no English name or translation. Heheya Kachinas are most often seen on Third Mesa and act as messengers to the rain gods. The Heheyas dance on the side of the procession and guard the other dancers. He talks in opposites...for instance, if the dance is good, he says it is bad.

Heheyas are easily recognized by the vertical red, yellow and blue zigzag lines on the sides of the mask. The pothook eyes are black, outlined in red and the mouth is a similar pothook style. The case mask is painted yellow and there is a grouping of red chili peppers on top of the mask. He has red tab ears and he wears a black and white cloth ruff.

He wears a sheepskin tunic draped over his right shoulder and he also wears a folded black breechclout underneath. He has knitted leggings with straps and red moccasins.

Ray Naha Jr. is the son of the famous Hopi painter Raymond Naha; his mother is a well known Hopi potter (Emma Naha), while his older brother Marty is known for his pottery and kachinas, and younger brother Shannon is following closely in Ray Jr.'s footsteps with some incredible old-style kachinas of his own.

These two brothers are among the most popular old-style carvers at Hopi. Their work is very elaborate and authentic. They take a lot of pride in each piece - hand tying every feather, and using only the best materials.

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