Neil David Sr.


14 1/2" total height

"The Grandfather of the Navajo Kachina is one of the more enjoyable features of the Navajo Kachina Dance. He does not speak but pantomimes whatever he wants.

"He starts the dance, acting as a leader in both singing and dancing. His dance step is an exaggeration, and a very lively one, that may be interspersed with a comic action such as the request for food - mountains of food.

All of these requests are done in pantomimes that bring laughter to the audience. The Grandfather of Uncle has several variations but the one portrayed here is the one that is most often seen.... The buckskin cape over the shoulders is usually very long, almost brushing the ground, and is used with great dramatic effect."

- Barton Wright, Kachinas: a Hopi Artist's Documentary (182)

Born in 1944 on First Mesa in the village of Hano, Arizona, Neil David Sr. - a Hopi/Tewa - was carving kachina dolls before he was ten years old.

During his high school years his paintings and sketches were sold through Byron Hunter who managed McGee's store in Polacca, Arizona.

Neil's paintings and kachina carvings can be found in private collections and museums throughout the world. The set of 79 original paintings by Neil, published in his book: Kachinas: Spirit Beings of the Hopi, have been acquired by the Kashiwagi Museum in Tateshina, Nagano, Japan.

Neil entered the army and served in Germany during the Vietnam War. He resides in Polacca, Arizona on the Hopi Indian Reservation and continues to paint and carve. He sells his paintings and kachina dolls through art galleries and direct comissions from collectors.

Neil's artistic talents and creativity have brought him international recognition. His humor is conveyed through the expressions and antics of his Clown figures. His dedication and commitment to his heritage is seen in his paintings and carvings.

Neil's co-mingling of art and dedication to his culture gives a rare opportunity to view elements of Hopi life without intruding on the society. His insight, perception, and ability to capture on canvas, the personalities and actions of performers and spectators during the Hopi festivities have brought him wide acclaim and support for calling him "the Hopis' Norman Rockwell."

Neil's work is featured in over a dozen books and periodicals including Art of the Hopi by Jerry Jacka, Treasures of the Hopi by Theda Bassman, and Art of Kachina Doll Carving by E. Bromberg.

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