Lorryn Masawytewa

Hu Katsina

11" total height

"When the time approaches for whipping the children during ceremonies in the kiva, a signal is given and the three kachinas: the Crow Mother and her two sons, the Hú Kachinas, come rushing toward the kiva.

"There they make four circuits of the hatchway creating as much noise as possible by beating the hatchway with their whips and bounding about to make their rattles sound. At the end of the fourth circuit they enter the kiva and take their positions north of the fireplace. The initiates are brought forward by their ceremonial god-parents and placed on the sand painting.

"The Hú Kachinas advance and give them four strokes with their yucca whips. As each candidate is struck the yucca whip is waved through the air with a wicked swish. This is a gesture of purification. After the Hú Kachinas finish whipping the children, they whip each other and then the Crow Mother. The Kachina Chief then dismisses them with prayer feathers and cornmeal. They depart as noisily as they came."

- Barton Wright, Kachinas: a Hopi Artist's Documentary (67)

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