Lisa Holt & Harlan Reano
Cochiti / Santo Domingo


10" H x 8" D

We are super excited to present this stunning new piece by award-winning artists, Lisa Holt & Harlan Reano! Their reputation precedes them as the premiere pottery couple working in the Cochiti/Santo Domingo style. Their avante-garde approach continues to capture the attention and imagination of collectors all over the world. This lovely jar exhibits everything they have become so well known for - clean lines, impeccable painting, bold designs, and flawless execution.

Lisa Holt and Harlan Reano are surely among the best young potters to emerge in recent years.

Lisa is half Cochiti on her mother’s side and comes from an illustrious potting family. Her grandmother is the well known Cochiti potter Seferina Ortiz, her mother is Inez Ortiz, and she is the niece of Virgil Ortiz.

Harlan is half Santo Domingo also on his mother’s side. He lived in Santo Domingo until the age of 10 and was exposed to jewelry-making but not pottery. He then moved to Santa Fe through high school and then to Albuquerque where he met Lisa around 1999. They have been potting together since 2000.

Initially, Lisa made only figurines inspired by the old Cochiti tradition of human and animal forms. More recently they have expanded into pots and jars. Lisa is the potter, using Cochiti clay. Harlan is the painter creating designs that are sometimes inspired by older Santo Domingo pottery, but frequently are his own creations. They fire the pots together.

For new potters they have had amazing success at Santa Fe Indian Market. So far they have two First Place ribbons, two Second Place ribbons, and in 2004 a Special Award.

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