Lenno Polingyumptewa

Left-handed Hunter

10 1/4" total height

"The Left Handed Kachina is said by some to be derived from the Hualapai Nation, but other Hopi attribute them to the Chemehuevi. He is called left handed because his gear is reversed.

To draw an arrow from the quiver he must use his right hand rather than his left as is normal. The Kachina moves with strange bobbing and little choppy steps. Despite his odd behavior, he is an excellent hunter.

"He is a favorite subject for the carving of kachina dolls or the paiting of pictures," records Barton Wright. Incidentally, Lowell happens to be left-handed and has adopted the Left-handed kachina as his mascot.

The Left-handed kachina, Suy-ang-e-vif, may act as a prompter in a dance or be found making odd little bows and taking small mincing steps at the edge of a procession.

A great deal of the time he has trouble with the Ho'-e when they appear in the same dance. [When together], one of the usual pair keeps up a steady step while the other points to evidence of [game] they are obviously hunting."

- Barton Wright, Kachinas: a Hopi Artist's Documentary (32)

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