Larry Melendez

Kipok Koyemsi

10" total height

"The Hopi word 'Kipok' means 'go to battle' or 'attacking someone.' This kachina frequently comes in the summer time with the clowns, although he may infrequently appear during the fast parade. He has been known to gather men and bring them to the proper kiva.

"He functions as a 'hunter' of the clowns and has been seen to chastise the other kachinas he apperas with in the mixed Kachina dance and to threaten punishment for misbehavior.

"Dolls of this kachina are not found in earlier collections and were called Powak Koyemsi only a couple of decades ago. This is usually a sign that the Kachina has not been present for a very long time for it is still regarded with suspicion."

- Kachinas: Spirit Beings of the Hopi, Neil David, et al. (116)

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