Justice Tso


15 1/2" total height

"The name of this kachina often changes from mesa to mesa. As Teanau, one of the old ones of the Bakab (Reed) Clan at First Mesa, he appears during the March ceremonies, or during the Ankwati when the Water Serpent is carried down to the spring for certain rites.

In this role Tcanau appears as four individuals who are guardians for the Palolokong. His role on Second Mesa is unknown, but on Third Mesa he again appears as a guardian. Under the name of Saviki he is one of the Bow Clan ancients and appears as a single individual with Tangik'china and tow Kokoshoya when the Salako comes in person during Ankwati.

The snake that the kachina carries in his mouth is a bull snake, and generally there is a lizard above his eyes."

- Barton Wright, Kachinas: a Hopi Artist Documentary, (96)

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