Judy Lewis

Hopi Storyteller

3 1/2" H x 3 1/2" L

Judy Lewis is from the Pueblo of Acoma and she was born in 1966. She has been making pottery since 1986. Judy was inspired to continue the family tradition of clay sculpting by observing many of her family members.

She was especially motivated by the passion and ambition that her sister, Marilyn Ray-Lewis, showed towards working with clay, and the assistance that she gave to her.

Judy hand coils pottery, vases, and storytellers using the methods of her ancestors. She only uses natural pigments for clay and paints. Judy has developed a style of her own. She hand pinches and hand coils a contemporary shape with traditional designs and colors. As with the entire family the colors have a crisp but soft pastel look to them.

In Native American art, a storyteller refers to a ceramic figure adorned with smaller figures of children. In Pueblo society, a storyteller is a real person who communicates the legends of the culture and helps to keep the oral history of the people.

The first pottery storyteller figure was made by Helen Cordero (of Cochiti Pueblo) around 1964, in honor of her grandfather, a great storyteller. The concept soon spread to the other pueblos, each exhibiting their own distinctive and delightful expressions of the intense love all Pueblo people have for their children.

Female figures represent a mother or grandmother singing or telling stories to children, that "singing" represented by the open mouth.

Judy is related to the following artists: Kathy Lewis (mother), Carolyn Concho Lewis (sister), and Sharon Lewis (sister). Over the years Judy has won numerous awards at the Santa Fe Indian Market and the Eight Northern Pueblos Arts & Crafts Show. She signs her art work as Judy Lewis, Acoma, N.M.


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