Jody Naranjo
(Santa Clara)

Heavenly Messengers

10 1/4" H x 5 1/4" D

We're pleased to present the award-winning work of Santa Clara pottery artist, Jody Naranjo! This is only the first in a series of Pueblo Pottery offerings to come - in an effort to round out our selection of top-quality artwork from around the region. Stay tuned as our selection becomes more diversified all the time.

Jody Naranjo is one of the most talented and innovative of the new generation Santa Clara potters. Using traditional methods of digging clay, coiling pots and firing outdoors is typical of most Santa Clara potters, but Jody has successfully blended traditional and contemporary art forms by carving contemporary images onto traditionally made pottery. Jody's work almost always features a variety of whimsical figures including animals.

Jody grew up in a large family of celebrated potters and knew early on she wanted to work with clay. Growing up with over 20 family members who made pottery, she knew the entire process by the time she was 6 years old. This early knowledge and the encouragement of other talented family members resulted in Jody pushing herself to be as good as she could be. Her efforts were rewarded in a fellowship she received at the age of 19 from the Southwest Association of Indian Arts and in 1992 she won the first place award for contemporary sgraffito at Indian Market.

Jody continues to produce new designs and shapes with every passing season. Forever striving on the forefront of Native American art, Jody Naranjo continues to succeed at producing pottery which blends the traditional and contemporary.

This great piece features the incredible geometric designs in sgraffito that Jody is so well known for.

This pot has a lovely shape and a unique theme. The beautiful color of the clay shines through, while subtle fire clouds indicate strict adherence to traditional practices - along with adding a little color and character of their own.

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