Oil Originals: Hyrum Joe


An Acoma elder prepares the plaza for the dancers by beating his drum and singing the traditional feast day songs. Soon relatives and visitors from miles away will descend upon the pueblo for a festival of food and dancing. Outsiders are welcome, but invited to quietly and respectfully observe. No photographs are allowed, but onlookers will never forget the spectacles they will witness.

The songs were passed down from his grandfather, and his grandfather's father before him. Trade cloths and linens have replaced buckskin and thatch mat, but the energy and spirit remain the same. As the first to rise, his voice is a lone voice, but soon it will be joined by others and the sound of his drum will unify the heartbeat of the village.

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Acoma Songs
12 x 9 Oil on Canvas


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Although Hyrum might be recognized as the son of the internationally known alabaster sculptor and bronze artist, Oreland Joe, he has certainly proved that he can stand on his own two feet. Hyrum creates some of the most visually compelling and original works of art in oil that we've seen by anyone his age. Last year he won the SWAIA fellowship and subsequently sold out at his very first Indian Market event.

We are delighted to have this opportunity to show Hyrum's work, which can be seen in only a handful of the most prestigious galleries in Colorado and New Mexico. Because of our close, personal relationship, we were lucky enough to acquire these recent originals, and we look forward to bringing you more.

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