Harrison Begay

Wind, Earth, & Water

11" H x 11 1/2" D

This gorgeous vessel incorporates a series of animal entities, each related to a different natural element, tying all life forms together and bringing harmony and balance, or hozho, into the Navajo universe.

This is one of Harrison's most ambitious works, and he is extremely proud of the result. We're delighted to present it here for your consideration.

Harrison Begay was raised near Keams Canyon, Arizona, in the small Navajo community of Jeddito. In college, he trained as a painter in a fine arts curriculum.

He turned to pottery and began to enter his pieces in numerous awards, winning major awards from the '80s until the present. While married at Santa Clara, he learned the New Mexico pueblo style of pottery from his mother-in-law.

He is regarded as one of today's major artists. His work is featured in important galleries, museums, and private collections around the world. He has certainly taken the traditional Santa Clara style and improvised upon it in a unique and innovative fashion. His work is unmistakable!

Especially impressive are the technical aspects of the pottery, which Harrison has mastered over the years - and of course the rich "chocolate" finish that can only be achieved through the careful process of oxygen reduction techniques.

Harrison's lines are clean and his cuts are deep. He is certainly one of the most accomplished potters in this style. His high polish finish contrasts strikingly against the deliberate matte finish of the rest of the pot.

Add a piece by Harrison Begay to your collection and see why so many have been impressed with this talented and humble artist.

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