Ferris Satala


8 1/2" total height

The Hilili "is apparently a kachina that has made its way from Acoma or Laguna by a process of osmosis. In these pueblos he is known as Heleleka. By the time he reached the Hopis prior to the turn of the century, his name had changed to Hilili, 'from the call that he makes.'

"His first appearance was among the Hopis of First Mesa and the other two mesas made known their disapproval by calling this a witch or Powak Kachina. However, his popularity as a guard kachina and admiration for his rapid dance has increased.

"Now he is found on all the mesas in a great variety of forms. He appears very frequently in the Powamu and in the Night Dances."

- Barton Wright, Kachinas: a Hopi Artist's Documentary (43)

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