Fawn Navasie


5 1/2" H x 11" D

This beautiful Hopi pottery was made by Fawn Navasie. Fawn is the niece to Frog Woman, daughter of the late Eunice "Fawn" Navasie, and sister to Dawn Navasie and Dolly Joe. She is also the spouse of well known Hopi potter, James Garcia Nampeyo.

The Navasie family is known for their own special revival, as was Nampeyo known for Sikyatki. The Navasie's are said to be responsible for reviving a style from the late Awatovi village, south-east of First Mesa.

Among her favorite designs are "Rainbirds, parrots, feathers, and clouds." - Schaaf

Gentle Hopi "fire-clouds" indicate that Fawn has indeed remained loyal to her traditional methods of forming and firing her pottery. These reddish-orange shades can only be obtained through the natural sheep-dung firing process.

This piece features a design she referred to as "Sikyatki Birds." The colors and stylized feathers give this pottery its good feel. She has signed with her classic "Fawn" and hoofprint.

Fawn is an accomplished potter and has shown at several major venues throughout the Southwest. She has been featured at shows in Santa Fe, NM., the Heard Museum, and others.

Fawn has appeared in several magazines and publications dealing primarily with Native American are and Hopi Pottery, in particularly. These include Hopi-Tewa Potters by Gregory Schaaf, p. 120; and Fourteen Families in Pueblo Pottery by Rick Dillingham, pp. 60-61.

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