Cimmaron Grover

Paqua Mana

10 1/4" total height

The Paqua or Frog Katsina is thought to be a Water clan Kachina as he represents the need for water to grow crops in the arid lands of the Hopi. The Frog is a coming-to-the clowns Kachina and appears in dances like the pig, goat and mouse Kachinas.

However, he is rarely seen and there are as many stories about his origin as there are sources to tell you. One source even says the Frog Kachina may have originated from a prank at Shungopavi on Second Mesa in the late 1960's during a dance. Many Hopi adults may have only seen the Paqua Kachina once or twice in their lifetimes, if ever at all.

Consequently the Paqua Kachina doll is rarely carved.

The Paqua's large case mask, formed like the head of a frog, is painted green, as is his entire body except for the areas on his chest, which is painted white.

- Barton Wright, Kachinas: a Hopi Artist's Documentary (175)

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