Adrian Poleahla

Sakwa (Blue) Ahote

17 3/4" total height

"A'hote may appear in any of the directional colors but the two most common colors are the yellow A'hote (Sikyahote) or the blue (Sakwahote).

"In a Plaza Dance it is not unusual to see a line of Sakwahote with several Sikyahote, and a white or red form as well. All indications in his costume point to inspiration from a Plains-type warrior, particularly the feather headdress.

"A'hote may appear in the Mixed Kachina Dances, or the Palolokong Dances and the Plaza Dance. In his left hand he very frequently carries roast or boiled corn that is given out to the audience during his performance."

- Barton Wright, Kachinas: a Hopi Artist's Documentary (170)

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