Jon Cordero


11" H with 2" base

"Ewiro is an old style Third Mesa kachina that normally appears during Pachavu. However, he may appear to make war on the clowns during the regular plaza dances later in the year. He functions as a policeman and formerly oversaw the cleaning out of springs.

"The small shield that this kachina carries may be barely discerned at his right side."

- Barton Wright, Kachinas: a Hopi Artists Documentary (63)

Born June 16, 1968 to the village of Moenkopi, Arizona, Jon is the son of a Hopi mother, and a Cochiti father who died when Jon was just a baby.

Although Jon was raised on the Hopi Reservation, he would always spend a month each summer with his Cochiti grandmother, the famed matriarch of storytellers, Helen Cordero. His grandmother tried to teach him to make storytellers, but it just wasn't his calling.

Instead, when he was in high school, he learned to carve Kachina dolls from his uncles, Hopi master carvers Loren Phillips and Tom Holmes. And Loren was not only his teacher but also continued to encourage Jon in his carving through the years.

Like the traditional Hopi Jon continually strives to be, he works very hard all the time tending to his cattle and his horse as well as planting and tending his crops of corn, beans, melons and squash. And he participates in the dances, in respect to the Kachinas.

Yet Jon always finds time to do what he likes best, and that is to carve. Instead of carving alone, Jon prefers the company of other carvers. His favorite carving buddy has always been his cousin and clan brother Leonard Selestewa, who was also always a great source of encouragement for Jon. Among the many books on Hopi Kachinas that mention Jon and his work is Theda Bassman's Hopi Kachina Dolls and their carvers.

Jon says he is serious about his carving and wants to carve for the rest of his life. Whenever he finishes a carving he hopes it will find a good home, and whoever buys it will admire it for the rest of their lives. Jon has become well-known for his beautiful, realistic Kachina doll carvings and his work has become highly sought after.

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