Dalbert A. Weir

Dogfish Mask

11" H x 7 1/2" L

In 1941, Dalbert Weir was born in the village of Masset on the Queen Charlotte Islands, British Columbia. His forefathers in the maternal line were of the Raven clan. As a child, he spent many hours watching fine Haida craftsmen carving Argillite and wood. The beauty and perfection of their work made a deep impression on him.

Later, Dalbert had the opportunity to study the principles of northwest coast design at the 'Ksan", the first native art school located near Hazelton, British Columbia. His attention to perfecting his craft makes each piece a work of art.

The mask has been carved from alder wood and is some parts are as thin as a dime,making the mask very light weight suitable for wearing. Painted in traditional colors and showing carving skills beyond belief this dogfish mask is in excellent condition.

Dogfish are small, fierce and solitary sharks that Northwest Coast peoples were wary of. It is a prominent crest and mythic being, especially amongst the Haida.

A large, domed forehead, representing the snout, triangular teeth, gill lines, round eyes with oval pupils and a hooked or beak nose, characterizes dogfish.

Dogfish figure prominently in the legends and art of the Native Americans of the northwest coast of the United States and Canada. Images of dogfish, such as this Haida mask, are seen in jewelry, totem poles and masks.

The Dogfish is a crest that is often applied to utilitarian objects. It’s often portrayed with a labret in its lip as a reminder of a legend of a woman carried off by the Dogfish a long time ago.

The Dogfish Woman Mask is the most prominent Shark in Haida legends. It’s considered a family crest of Haida royalty. All other Sharks are referred to as "Dogfish Mother’.

In addition to the Shark-like features, the Dogfish Woman wears a labret in her lower lip which is traditionally worn by artistocratic Haida women. The Dogfish is one of the most powerful crests that is associated with feminine qualities. As well, it enters the realm of supernatural beings.




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