Kelly Etidloie

Sun Bathing Walrus

8" L x 4" H

Born: April 26, 1966

Resides: Cape Dorset

Kellypalik (Kelly) is the son of the well-known Cape Dorset artists Etidlooie and Kingmeata.

Cape Dorset is located north of Hudson Bay on the southwest tip of Baffin Island, well above the treeline and just south of the Arctic Circle.

The Inuit inhabitants have always called the area Kinngait (pronounced king-ite), meaning "the place of hills," but it was named Cape Dorset in 1631 by the British explorer Captain Luke Foxe, who mapped the region during his unsuccessful search for the Northwest Passage; he named it in honour of the Earl of Dorset, who had sponsored the expedition.

Today, Cape Dorset is a modern community of nearly fourteen hundred inhabitants in the newly created Canadian territory of Nunavut.

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